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Concrete materials testing
Research is at the essence of our work, which fuels our progress. Each project brings forth unique obstacles to overcome and fresh inquiries to explore.
Construction Materials Engineering
Construction Materials Engineering

Our unique combination of extensive expertise in materials science and engineering enables us to deliver innovative, reliable, and sustainable solutions to challenges in concrete and cementitious and supplementary cementitious materials.

With the utilization of cutting-edge assessment techniques, our dedicated materials scientists have a rich legacy of conducting fundamental research and successfully resolving countless construction materials issues.

 Construction Materials Services
Construction Materials Services
  • Concrete Mixture Design

  • Low Carbon Cementitious Mixture Design

  • Cementitious Materials Characterization

  • Concrete Mechanical Testing and Analysis

  • Concrete admixtures/additives performance characterization and evaluation

  • Construction Materials Testing and Evaluation

  • Failure Analysis

  • Durability Analysis

  • Corrosion Assessment

  • Service Life Modeling

  • Numerical Modeling and Analysis

  • Product Development, Evaluation, and Testing

  • Analytical Chemistry

Research & Development
Research & Development

Our product development initiatives encompass rigorous laboratory verification of both new and established products, support in evaluating prototypes, and comprehensive studies on durability, long-term performance, and usage limitations. Leveraging our vast technical knowledge and cutting-edge equipment and technology, we confidently tackle each new challenge, ensuring successful outcomes.

 Construction Materials Services
Laboratory Services
  • Thermogravimetric Analysis (TGA)

  • Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR)

  • Isothermal Calorimetry

  • Initial/Final Setting Time

  • Viscometer

  • Tensiometer

  • pH

  • Compressive/Tensile/Bending Strength

  • Macrovoid analysis

  • Non Evaporable Water Content

  • Drying Shrinkage

  • Autogenous Shrinkage

  • Workability

  • Electrical Resistivity

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